Our Vision
Welcoming and safe communities where newcomers to Canada can succeed.
Our Mission
To work with partners to provide newcomers to Canada with settlement services, fostering a sense of shared community and assisting immigrants to adapt to their new lives and opportunities.

Our Values
Provide client centered services with respect and understanding.

We strive at all times to be:

            We provide assistance and support to individuals and families new to Canada, so they may meet their social, educational                 and employment goals, leading to opportunities for success.

            We welcome, without reservation, all newcomers who require our services and strive to ensure our programs and                             organization are diverse and inclusive.

            We respect the rights of our clients and we respect each other as individuals.

            We care about the wellbeing of everyone we serve, and the communities in which they live.

Our vision, Mission & values

Unit H 132 Broadway Street W

Yorkton SK Canada S3N 0M4

Telephone: 306-783-2777