Local immigration partnership (LIP)

The main priorities of the LIP are to: Identify and eliminate gaps in programs and services for new arrivals and immigrants; Consolidate community resources and coordinate the delivery of services and programs for newcomers; Help address current labour shortages through strategic recruitment and workforce development and by preparing employers to hire newcomers; Develop and implement a comprehensive and community-based strategic action plan to guide attraction, settlement and integration of immigrants and newcomers to East Central Saskatchewan; Increase the community’s readiness for newcomers by promoting awareness about the benefits of diversity and providing opportunities for locals and newcomers to learn about and share with each other.

The LIP will present an exceptional opportunity to reform the settlement landscape in East Central Saskatchewan and broaden responsibility for the integration of newcomers.  The LIP will provide a holistic assessment of the barriers to newcomer integration as they relate both to settlement services and mainstream public services.  Municipalities and communities, including stakeholders who are new to the settlement table (such as public institutions and employers), are induced to play a greater role.  The LIP will enhance the coordination of services in areas such as housing, employment, education and health and ensure that public services are leveraged to advance the social and economic wellbeing of newcomers.  By focusing community actions and energy toward common goals, the LIP will create a culture of collaboration which results in more value for money as service providers work together to pool resources and reduce duplication of services.

What makes a Welcoming Community?
As the destinations of newcomers have begun to diversify over the last decade and demographic change has made immigration a growing necessity, an emphasis on both attracting and retaining immigrants has resulted in an increased emphasis on the role of the community. The result has been an increase in initiatives to build welcoming communities.   

The main characteristics of a welcoming community are: Employment Opportunities; Fostering of Social Capital; Affordable and Suitable Housing; Positive Attitudes toward Immigrants, Cultural Diversity, and the presence of Newcomers in the Community; Presence of Newcomer-Serving Agencies that can Successfully Meet the Needs of Newcomers;  Links between Main Actors Working toward Welcoming Communities; Municipal Features and Services Sensitive to the Presence and Needs of Newcomers Educational Opportunities; Accessible and Suitable Health Care; Available and Accessible Public Transit; Presence of Diverse Religious Organizations; Social Engagement Opportunities; Political Participation Opportunities; Positive Relationships with the Police and the Justice System; Safety; Opportunities for Use of Public Space and Recreation Facilities; Favourable Media Coverage and Representation. 

The LIP will evaluate our communities and see which of these characteristics of a welcoming community need to be made a priority to ensure we are attracting and retaining immigrants in our communities throughout East Central Saskatchewan.

Help build Welcoming Communities in East Central Saskatchewan!

The partnership network that we are looking to create will be the LIPs greatest strength.  All partners will have a voice and ability to help in creating a welcoming and inclusive community.  The LIP is currently looking for members from communities throughout East Central Saskatchewan to volunteer as a member of the LIP Advisory Council.  If you are ready to advocate for newcomers and help create welcoming and inclusive communities by being a member of the LIP Advisory Council, please email Edith Montesclaros at emontesclaros@ecnwc.ca

In September of this coming year, a huge step forward will be taken in creating welcoming and inclusive communities throughout East Central Saskatchewan.  Community stakeholders, community members and the East Central Newcomer Welcome Centre Inc. will be working collaboratively alongside a new initiative called the Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) which will aid in creating welcoming and inclusive communities in East Central Saskatchewan! 

What is the Local Immigration Partnership?

The LIP will bring together service providers, settlement agencies, community groups, municipal representatives, employers and other key organizations across the municipalities in which we serve to create a welcoming and inclusive community for newcomers to Canada.

The LIP will conduct research to identify potential barriers for newcomers and then work through its partnership to remove them so newcomers can fully participate in the economic, social, cultural, and recreational life of the community. The goal is for newcomers to enjoy a smooth and worry-free transition throughout their settlement experience and choose to stay in our communities.

The LIP will develop relationships and innovative linkages between organizations to encourage intentional collaboration in an effort to share knowledge and build on each other’s strengths. This makes it easier for organizations to successfully serve, hire and interact with newcomers, while feeling more connected to the overall community vision.

Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), LIPs are part of a Canada-wide project to increase the engagement of newcomers at the local level.  LIPs across Canada are helping municipalities take a greater role in planning for and guiding immigration and settlement in support of a two-way process of integration.

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